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As many exams as you need, thanks to MCQs...

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As many exams as you need, thanks to MCQs...

Frequent tests allow teachers and trainers to better assess their students knowledge level, courses understanding, and their progression over time. The more regular the better. However, exam preparation, exam organization, and exam grading can take time... Evalbox, our online test making platform, is there to fight against those common "pains"... allowing a real and continuous assessement system.

Online exams : easy to setup :

MCQs are known to be quite easy to setup with short questions, and a limited number of possible answers. That's a fact. But evalbox, the online exam & assessment system will also contribute to ease trainers and teachers job while preparing their exams :

  • With Evalbox, you first create a question bank with questions that can be within a click, tranformed into variants, and added to a QUIZ. This online MCQ can then be reused several times for several exam sessions or students/trainees groups.
  • The possibliity for teachers to share their question banks can also help exam preparation with collaboration.
  • And the online question editor comes with a lot of handy tools and assistance algorithms that will drastically simplify the exam preparation process : it allows for example several formatting options, and illustrations tools with pictures, or multimedia content and is realtime assisting your edition work

Hassle free exams monitoring

Exam proctoring has always been a complex and painful task... Candidates (and their proctors) need to be gathered within a defined time and space framework, with particular and logistic needs, human ressource management needs, etc. More than being costly, this can become a nightmare to set up, especially when it needs to be a regular process. For all thos reasons, evalbox can be a precious tool :

  • Online exams can be organized on tablets, phones, computers, ...
  • Exams can be scheduled to automatically start and stop at a given time
  • Each question can be setup with its own timer
  • The anti-cheating and behavior analysis algorithms will assist proctor to detect suspicious students

And that's just some of the powerfull features that allow exam dematerialization : students/trainees can attend their exams out of class or office hours, out of classrooms or training centers, without the need to be "really" proctored ...

Automatized grading exam system

Without any doubt : Grading is the most painfull and time costly work. And that work is increasing with the number of students that will attend to the exam. With its automatic grading feature, and auto-archiving process, evalbox decrease this grading pain to ZERO, and goes even further in assisting trainers and teachers in their post-exam tasks : simple metrics or advances stats to release etc.. Over time, evalbox will also perform some bi data analysis to automatically detect questions and their difficulty levels. This will allow exam levearging process, or any kind of other online exams adjustments. The tons of time saved can be reused by teachers or trainers to (for example !) perform in depth analyzis and spot the parts of their courses that can be improved

Evalbox is the "perfect" online test maker to create and manage online exams (and paper exams too !), that will assit you from the exam setup until in-depth metrics analysis : every step becomes easy and hassle free. Continous assessment hence becomes a real training tool to help trainers and teachers to adapt their content and their rythm to their trainees understanding.